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Arteaga’s prides itself on using Premium Quality Meats and Vegetables all the time.

We prep and cook your food the same day of your event to ensure quality and freshness delivered on time.

Get catering today by calling (408) 471-TACO (8226)


Arteaga’s prides itself on using Premium Quality Meats and Vegetables all the time.

Get catering today by calling (408) 471-TACO (8226)

What is the difference between the "Taquiza" and the "Mexican Buffet"

The main difference between our Taquiza and our Mexican Buffet is that on our Taquiza it is a taco party where we are making and serving Tacos for you and your guests at your event whereas on our Mexican Buffet it is actually a plate of food that is being served where the meats are served directly on the plate as the main course.

On our Taquiza we use the smaller “Street Taco” corn tortillas where the meat goes directly on top of the tortilla whereas for our Mexican buffet we use the regular larger size corn tortillas and they are used more as a compliment to the plate and served on the side.

What is the recommended Gratuity Amount for a Full Service Event?

The recommended Gratuity is between 15-20% depending on the level of service you feel that you receive from your Servers.

Your Gratuity is 100% for your servers to split amongst each other.

For all events we send a minimum of 2 server and staff accordingly based on the size of your event.

Is there a minimum requirement for a Full Service Catering Event?

Yes, the minimum that we go to any full service catering event is really subject to where the location of the event will be, but our Minimum starts at $800.00 and it is for any event within a 25 mile driving radius of our Newark Store.

Are there any obstacles that can prevent my servers from serving at my location?

Yes, our equipment is pretty mobile and can fit in most places however the one thing that we cannot do is carry our Griddle. The reason being is because our Griddle is actually heavy-duty commercial equipment and it is heavy and when it is heated it takes about 2 hours to cool down.

This makes it very dangerous for anyone to carry. For this reason we cannot go past any obstacles that will require anyone to carry the griddle.

Some examples include: Stairs, Soft Dirt, Tanbark, Soft Grass, Rocks, or anything else that will require carrying the griddle to get to your desired location. Our Griddle is set on a Table with Wheels on it, as long as we can roll it there, we can serve there.

How much space is required for the Taquiza?

Optimum Space for us will be 10ft x 15ft. With this being said if your location does not permit this kind of space we more than likely can make it work!

For each Taquiza we take a Small table (2ft x 4ft) used as a safety barrier that is set up in front of our Griddle (2ft x 2ft) which is used for heating up the tortillas on site, a Steam Table (2ft x 5ft) which is used for Setting all the hot food into and making sure it is always fresh and to temperature, and a Standard Folding Table (2ft x 6ft) which we decorate and use as a Salsa Bar.

The Griddle and the Steam table do need to be set up next to each other, but the Salsa Bar table can always be moved to a different desired location that may work better for your event. Minimum space required is 9ft x 5ft (This includes space required for our servers to work).

How much space is required for the Mexican Buffet?

If the Event is an outdoor event then please refer to “How much space is required for the Taquiza” as the same equipment is used and the same space is required.

If your event is an indoor event then we use our Chafing dishes which we set up on top of Standard Folding Tables (2ft x 6ft). How many Tables we will need to set up usually depends on the size of your menu but usually we use 2 to 3 tables.

How can I inquire about availability for my event?

Call us at (408) 471-TACO(8226), E-mail us at or fill out our online catering form and we will be more than happy to check availability for you!

How can I reserve my date and time to make sure no one else takes my slot?

Booking with us can be broken down into four easy steps which include:

  1. Contact us by phone at (408) 471-TACO(8226), or E-mail us at or fill out our online catering form and we will be more than happy to check availability for you!
  2. We need to get a menu from you so that we can send you an estimate by e-mail. We can place a hold on your date and time for you to ensure that no one else can take your slot. Your hold only lasts one week and this is to give you some time to decide on your menu
  3. We will send you an Estimate by Email. Once you are ready with your menu just get back into contact with us either by phone or email and we will e-mail you your estimate. Once we e-mail you your estimate we will continue to have a hold placed on your event for another week to give you some time to get your Non-Refundable Deposit to us.

Get your Non-Refundable Deposit to us. In order to completely lock you into our calendar and be good to go for your event then we need to receive a Non-Refundable deposit from you. For your deposit we ask for 25% of the total amount due on your estimate with the pending Balance due the day of your event when we are finished and cleaning up. For payment on your deposit you can either fill out our CC Authorization form and get it back to us, mail us a check in the mail to our Newark address at 5524 Thornton Ave. Newark, Ca 94560 or you can always stop by the store and pay in person with cash, check or credit card.

What forms of Payment does Arteaga's Food Center (Catering Department) accept?

We accept all major forms of payment which include Credit Cards, Cash or Check.

What if it rains on the day of my event?

Rain or shine we will be at your event! If it does rain we have Canopies that we will take with us to ensure that the food and our Servers stay dry. The size of our Canopies are 15ft x 10ft.

What is Arteagas Cancellation Policy for Full Service events?

n the unfortunate case of you needing to cancel your event you may do so at any time with the understanding that you will forfeit your Deposit.

We require a Non-refundable deposit because once we commit to your event this means if anyone else contacts us to inquire about an event that conflicts with yours then we turn them away.

Are the leftovers left behind or taken back?

If at the end of your event there are leftovers then we will certainly leave behind any food that you may want keep.

We just ask that you provide the containers for us and our servers will gladly pack them away and leave them for you!

When is the Final day to make any adjustments to my Menu or my Headcount?

Any adjustments can always be made to any Menu or Guest Count up until 5 days before your event.

If a deposit has already been received for your event, then any changes made to anything will be reflected on the pending balance that is due for your event.

Is there a Delivery option?

Yes, Arteagas does indeed offer delivery for any order over $250. The pricing structure for our delivery service is our Pick-up pricing plus a delivery fee.

The fee for Delivery is subject to traveling distance but starts at $50 for any delivery within a 10 mile radius of our Taqueria.

With our Delivery service our drivers simply drop off the food at your desired location. Serving utensils, cutlery and set-up is NOT included in your delivery service. Delivery is subject to availability.

Are there Any Additional Fees Besides the Prices Listed On The Website?

Yes, for all events the food is subject to Sales Tax. Additionally, for all full-service catering events within a 25-mile radius of our Newark location, there is a $150 Set up/Travel Fee. This Fee covers the preparation of your order, set up and clean up of our things at your event; additionally, it also covers travel to and from your event.

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