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Arteagas San Jose (Lincoln), CA

1003 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
United States (US)
Phone: (408) 882-0117
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Walk along the streets of San Jose, California and you will find that among the many architectural landmarks, there is a humble, authentic San Jose Mexican grocery and catering service (also, the best Mexico bakery San Jose locals and visitors will find!).

Mexican Food in US Culture

Just as technology and a rich multicultural history are part and parcel of American culture, so is a fusion of food from different cuisines. And among the most known and ordered – although Chinese and Italian come to mind – Mexican food actually reigns supreme.

In 2011, there were more than 38,000 Mexican restaurants all around the US, quite more than any other cuisine, including Chinese and Italian.

We’re part of that 38,000 – we offer catering services and a grocery, and even the best bakery that San Jose has to offer. And we’re honored to play a huge role in providing gastronomic delights to the residents of Kooser Road, San Jose, CA and beyond. We’re glad to be a meaningful part of the food culture of this great nation.

Perhaps one of the reasons Mexican food has caught on so well with American diners is what food means in Mexican culture. Food in Mexico is a celebration. It brings people together in joyous merriment and the food is a celebration in itself.

It makes use of an abundance of colorful ingredients with different flavors that surprisingly work well together. Likewise, there’s nothing subtle about this fare; traditional cooking techniques that have been passed down for generations ensures that every dish delivers a firework extravaganza of flavors.

At Arteaga’s Food Center, we offer this special food experience. We want our food to be a fixture of celebrations in the lives of our customers. Along with this, we want our offerings to bring celebrations into your life.

Bringing High-Quality Service to Customers

We uphold our commitment to “Calidad En La Palma De Su Mano” or “Quality in the palm of your hands” – just take a look at our offerings, which is a vast selection of the freshest produce and high-quality products.

Additionally, we make our offerings as accessible as possible. You can shop online for everything – from our perfect cuts of meat to our highly in-demand bakery items and fresh salsa.

With our online shopping and delivery service, you can get your purchases on the same day. Lastly, all items are the same price as in store, and for a minimum total purchase of $60.00, same-day delivery is completely on us.

Weekly Specials!

We provide fresh and nutritious food for every day of the week.

Each week’s deals offer a variety of foods and products for your everyday needs.

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