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If you’re walking along 200 E. Oak Street, you’ll find one of the best Lodi, CA Mexican Grocery stores: Arteaga’s! And not just groceries, too – everything from Mexican buffet party offerings to an authentic panaderia, we’ve got it all.

Of course, we don’t have a unique claim to Mexican food. Mexican cuisine has a colorful and rich history that even UNESCO has named it an Intangible Cultural Heritage. What we bring to the table (pun intended), however, is our own resolve to only give you “quality in the palm of your hands” — Calidad En La Palma De Su Mano!

Mexican Food is Unique and Ancient

Just how ancient, exactly? Mexican cuisine finds its roots in ancient Mexican civilizations – the Inca, the Aztec, and the Maya – who’ve been foraging the same plant-based ingredients and hunting the same meat for centuries before Spanish explorers even landed on the South American continent.

After three hundred years of rule by the Spanish, however, Mexican cuisine inevitably took on its influences – Asian spices and wheat, livestock like cattle and chicken, and even food-centric religious and holiday celebrations.

Fast forward to the 1900s, a wave of Mexican immigrants brought with them their traditional cuisine and a desire to turn their customs into streams of revenue. Mexican food really spread like wildfire starting around the 1920s, when the first gas-fired and electric equipment were used to produce tamales and tortillas from their base ingredients.

And today, Mexican food is everywhere in the US, and is always a top choice when it comes to celebrations.

Mexican Food is a Celebration!

Indeed, we ourselves embrace the fact that in Mexican culture, food itself is a celebration. If you take a look at our catering options, you’ll find that our clients love Taquizas, Mexican buffets, and party packs.

Mexican food is excellent for celebrations and festivities – the various spices and flavors carried over well from the times during Spanish colonial rule when every festival was a time to enjoy festive meals as well. Holidays like Christmas and New Year’s are celebrated with large meals enjoyed with close family and friends.

Today, this is exactly what we offer many satisfied clients: the enjoyment of perfect food with their loved ones or peers, in any setting or gathering. Mexican food itself is a celebration, and along with our motto Calidad En La Palma De Su Mano, we endeavor to promote this cultural heritage from our long history.


Lodi CA - Taqueria

In our Taqueria customers can find all their favorite authentic Mexican delicacies.

We offer a wide variety of treats from Tacos & Burritos, to traditional authentic Mexican dishes like Barbacoa and Chile Verde.

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We provide fresh and nutritious food for every day of the week.

Each week’s deals offer a variety of foods and products for your everyday needs.

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